How to Make Your Wedding A Memorable One

Love is a beautiful thing and marriage seals the love by making it official. Every couple wants to make their wedding ceremony special, meaningful and most importantly memorable to them and the guests. A wedding celebration is an event to show and share the love and most importantly create lifetime memories. Since this is a rite of passage that literally comes once in a lifetime under normal circumstances, it must be arranged properly. Our guide will help you with expert tips on how to make your wedding a memorable one

Pre-ceremony Mingling

Ensure that your wedding creates time for a pre-wedding mingling. This is a time that helps to build a new relationship in different spectrums amongst the invited guest. Most business, friendship and love relationships that are created in your marriage ceremony will always be referring to your event. Therefore, make sure you encourage a pre-ceremony mingling to make the event livelier and memorable for your guests.

The mingling is also important because it helps to build up a great chemistry for your guest before the time of “I do” comes. This will give them a feeling that they know each other up-close and personal. The hostile mood in most marriage ceremonies is caused by lack of a pre-wedding mingling.


Another tip is to Spice up your guest book. It is a good idea to spice up the guest book with something interesting. Go an extra mile to make the guest book interesting by including who you really are. There are definitely a few options when spicing up the traditional guest book.

You can browse for ideas on the internet that will make the guest book amazing in order to create memories. You can as well opt to create a good polaroid guest book. You can have portraits of your guests and accompany the photo with a special message on the book.

Surprise with Wedding Favors

An epic idea on how to make your wedding memorable is to incorporate wedding favor for your guests to enjoy. There are many options when it comes to this since you can choose either Jordan almonds, cheap sunglasses or any other favor that you think your guests will be fascinated with. These favors must be unique even though they are should not necessarily be expensive. Your guest will surely receive these surprise favors warmly, thus creating great memories.

Hire a Professional Photographer/Videographer

One of the best ways of keeping memories is by taking great photos during the event and shooting a video for the entire event. Choose a great photographer and a videographer to shoot various moments throughout the wedding. This will surely create memories that will never fade away.